Transformational Talks

Imagine. It’s possible.

Through story, improv, visualization, and creative hands-on activities Rachel leads groups through a moment in time to plant a seed. Her intention is to make a lasting impact. Rachel creates an emotionally safe space to explore what’s under the surface and ensures that laughter and play are huge components.

  • Talking AT people doesn’t work. Rachel takes a different approach. She activates. Her multi-level activation talks tap into her extensive teaching repertoire. She accesses her inner-child and allows the space for truth to bubble up.

  • Over the past 10 years Rachel has been delivering her unique approach to speaking engagements, activation talks and live inspiration station sessions.

“Rachel is powerful. During an event she was facilitating, she moved a room full of adults towards embracing who they are, where they’ve been and what hopes they have for their children.”
-Kristina House, Toronto Home Educators Collective Symposium
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