Rachel’s Approach

Rachel Weinstock believes that play is a vital ingredient in fostering life skills in our children and preparing them to navigate today´s world. Her playfully creative approach allows children to develop a deeper sense of emotional awareness, expression and empowered communication. In her workshops and mentorship support, Rachel has designed unique and intuitive programs that enable kids to earn confidence and self-worth. She inspires them to learn how to build effective communication, awareness and empathy.

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About Rachel

Rachel Weinstock, B.F.A & B.E.d., is an elementary school teacher, professional artist, public speaker, workshop facilitator & part real Rainbow Fairy. Kids inherently trust her, and she in turn empowers them to harness their best self. Rachel brings a spark to everything she touches and her healing approach to teaching weaves creativity, mentorship and self-esteem into a colourful and safe medicine for the soul. Rachel has developed a mentorship program for kids across many cultures that has become the building blocks of her Playfully Creative approach.

A Window into the power of play

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